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3layers in Budapest

The University of Theatre and Film Arts is hosting the meeting of the Applied Theatre working group within the Three Layers Erasmus+ project between September 7-11.

The main goal of the project is preparing a joint training program in the field of applied theatre. The project initiated in 2015 as a cooperation of SZFE Budapest and the University of Arts Tg-Mures continued with an international conference in January 2016 and a meeting and test-teaching in May at Tg-Mures. On this occasion there will be work meetings and test-teaching sessions as well as a meeting with the staff and students of the Drama Instruction BA program. The University of Arts Targu-Mures will be represented by, Eugen Păsăreanu, Anda Cadariu, Kinga Bakk Miklósi and Mária Albert. The hosts from SZFE are Dániel Golden, leader of the Applied Theatre work package and Júlia Neudold, coordinator of youth programs at Örkény Theatre and doctoral student.