Vice-rector's message

In 2001 I’ve graduated the theatre studies programme at the University of Arts from Târgu-Mureș and since the following academic year I’ve become a member of the teaching staff. Taking all the steps (student, assitent, assitent professor, lecturer, associate professor) I belive that I’ve come to know the university, the teaching staff, the running of the university. As a project’s maker, I’ve contributed at the development of the infrastructure and almost at all the processes of accreditation. I am proud that I’ve studied at this university – and that I study also know, without interruption.

Our university has built it’s learning and operating structure upon the principle of multiculturality. Today it has a single vice-rector, myself, designated, in October 2011, for a determinated time period at the suggestion of The Faculty of Arts in Hungarian, being invested for the next four years by the university’s Rector in January 2012, at the suggestion of the Council of the Faculty of Arts in Hungarian. The Vice-rector’s attributions are stated in the operating statute, in the University Charter, but I wish, besides the stipulations, to take part in the team work, in all those projects and perspectives of development that my knowledge can help. The final goal of the university is to form specialists under the best conditions. I belive that the only way that allows us to attain it is the education centered on the student, the university autonomy and the Faculties that implement the true multiculturality, keeping safe the pondered, balanced and right inter-human relations.

University of Arts is a paradoxical institution. If one takes a look at the number of personnel, one observes that it is one of the smallest universities in the world. If one takes a look at the artistic, educational and research activities, it is proven (as it has been proven officially) that our university is one of the most functional institutions of higher education. In spite if some macro-economic nefarious consequences that are independent of us, today we are situated among those universities that have a high trust academic standard.

Without twiches  have been set up autonomous art faculties in Romanian and Hungarian, and all our present programmes are accredited. In this situation we need, more than ever,  a much more articulated cohesion. We need a serious solidarity. We must keep wath and ward over our gained values, so that the perspective incarnated in tha last 12 years could be carried on.

Associate professor Balási András,
Vice-rector University of Arts from Târgu-Mureș