Rector's message

University of Arts from Târgu-Mureș has gained a well deserved prestige in Romania and abroad because of a common effort and also because of assuming and carring into effect some European and universal principles, among which one can find the respect for the values of humanism, the belief in the equality of chances, the partnership between the teaching staff and students in the entire educational process, promoting multiculturalism, ideas of truth, good and beauty.

The focus of our entire academic community is the performance (regarding the didactic activity, the scientific research and artistic creation) and, in this sense, we are all prepared to overtake those moments of ‘testing’, either of financial nature, political nature or any other nature, through the competence and dignity that our teachers, researchers and students give proof of, but also through transforming the difficulties in challenges.

The fundamental paradigm of our university is that of centralising our objects (as well as our mentalities) on generating knowledge, the only relevant way we can twin tradition with innovatory efforts, freedom of ideas and progress. Arts, together with pedagogy and media communication are those grounds upon which an intelectual environment and a ‚chaste’ which, paradoxical, opens out to the others has been built, taking into account that all our achievements are dedicated to the world’s senses. To the spectator of today and tomorrow.

Professor Sorin Crișan,
Rector – University of Arts from Târgu-Mureș