At the University of Arts Targu-Mures, three buildings are destined for teaching
activities: 6, Köteles Sámuel Street, 12, Bolyai Street (Pálffy House), and 7, Frunzei Street (Studio 2.1, animation theatre).
Studio Theatre and the administration of the university (Rector's Office, departments, secretary, Managing Director) are all found in the building located on Köteles Sámuel Street.
The youth hostel of the university (opened 2006) is located on 28/A, Joliot Curie Street. The university has purchased a new building on Mihai Eminescu Street, which is being refurbished.
At the end of 2007, the building from the university enclosure has been completed (Köteles Street).
In 2009, the refurbishing work of the C6 wing has finished. The library, the university press and the administration use the spaces from this wing. Few of the spaces are used as new accommodation rooms.

STUDIO THEATRE – 6 Köteles Sámuel street
174-seat performance hall, stage technique, simultaneous translation system.
STUDIO 2.1 THEATRE – 7 Frunzei street
60-seat hall, 2 puppet workshops, 3 classrooms.
6 creation workshops with sets and props, dimmer, sound & light systems, video-projector, computer, piano.
2 movement studios with piano, audio system, mirror, ballet bar.
16 classrooms differently equipped with video-player, TV, DVD, video-projector.
PÁLLFY HOUSE – 12 Bolyai street
5 halls with vertical piano, electronic piano, TV, video-player, DVD.
YOUTH HOSTEL – 28/A Joliot Curie street
15 rooms (with 2, 3, 4 beds, TV, refrigerator, computer, Internet), kitchen and laundry in the basement of the building
CAFETERIA (6, Köteles Sámuel Street)
The cafeteria is located at the basement of the main building on Köteles Street. It is opened daily from 8 A.M – 9 P.M.

The university operates an informatics system and a multimedia studio.
5 rooms with 2 beds.
IVECO Minibus 19+1 seats;
Daewoo Nubira.
In the enclosure of the main building and at Studio 2.1 various stage workshops (locksmiths, carpentry, paint shop, tailoring) operate.