Mission, objectives

The University of Arts Târgu-Mures is currently preparing actors, puppeteers, directors, choreographers, impresarios, playwrights, theatre critics, designers, music teachers in Romanian and Hungarian. The University is also an institution that holds a theatre and a puppet theatre, which organise professional artistic performances in every season. The mission assumed by the University of Arts Târgu-Mures focuses on the following:
· Organising graduate studies, master and doctoral training, ensuring the improvement of creators and specialists in theatre arts, music, decorative arts at the best quality requirements of a knowledge-based society and culture;
· Promoting creative activities for teachers and students in theatre arts, musical and dramatic arts, as well as scientific research in accordance with the requirements of national and international values;
· Ensuring multicultural, multilingual and interfaith interference to carry out teaching, learning, creation and research in Romanian and Hungarian languages, based on equality.

Priority objectives pursued by the University of Arts Târgu-Mures now and in the near future are aimed at:
· Strengthening the position of the University of Arts Târgu-Mureş in the scheme of artistic education in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, so as to function as a centre for authentic art education, artistic creation and research of artistic phenomena.
· Enhancing the quality of the offered artistic and scientific educational services. To this end, we continue to develop strategies to raise the quality of education, promoting a policy that encourages personal excellence, professional development, attachment and loyalty to the institution. To the same purpose, we continue to support the arts and scientific research
through a number of personnel actions, financing and logistical supply to the required standards.
· Expanding the supply of university study by obtaining licenses for new programmes in theatre, visual arts and music. The University also aims at widening the offers in master studies at postgraduate level. We would also like to broaden the scope of the doctoral studies by creating conditions for increasing the number of professors with the right of coordinating doctoral thesis.
· In the context of diversification the areas of studies in fine arts, decorative arts and design, we wish to establish the Faculty of Visual Arts, Decorative Arts and Design.