Faculty of Arts in Hungarian - administration and structure

Faculty of Arts in Hungarian
Dean: Associate professor Anna KÓS


The Department of Theatre, Visual Arts and Communication Sciences
Lecturer Zsolt HARSÁNYI – Director
Council of the Department:
1.Associate professor Ildikó UNGVÁRI-ZRÍNYI
2.Associate professor Anna KÓS
3.Lecturer Ildikó COJIC
4.Lecturer  József BARTHA
5.Lecturer  Zsolt HARSÁNYI
6.Lecturer  Kinga LUCA
7.Assistant professor Klára TOMPA

Music Department
Associate professor Márta ELEKES – Director
Consiliul Departamentului:
1.Associate professor  Márta ELEKES
2.Associate professor  Tünde MOLNÁR
3.Associate professor Gyöngyvér MAKKAI

Council - Faculty of Arts in Hungarian:
1.Associate professor Attila-Csaba GÁSPÁRIK
2.Associate professor Márta ELEKES
3.Associate professor. Anna KÓS
4.Lecturer Zsolt HARSÁNYI
5.Assistant professor Klára TOMPA
József SZABÓ