History of the Studio Theatre

The Studio Theater is a public performance institution subordinated to the University of Theater Arts in Târgu-Mureş. The main objective is to promote, in the local and regional area, the product of this theater school: the graduates of the acting, directing, theater and music pedagogy classes.

     In the period 1954-1962, the graduation performances of the students of the then "Szentgyörgyi István" Theater Institute were performed, along with those of the State Theatre, on the stage of the Palace of Culture in Târgu-Mureş.

     Since its inauguration, in October 1962, the Studio Theater has become, over time, a nucleus of polarization and attraction not only for the students and teaching staff of the university, but also for the Târgumures public, consecrating over the years the virtues of a true professional theater .
The first theatrical season, with György Kovács, Lajos Kãmíves Nagy and Géza Gergely at the lectern, was watched by a number of 19,864 spectators, in 105 public performances. The dynamic analysis of the audience of the graduation shows revealed that the 1965-1966 season was the most successful with the public, with a total number of 23,550 spectators being statistically recorded. Tortenet

     Masters such as Lajos Szabó, László Tarr, Imre Nagy, Miklós Tompa, Constantin Codrescu, András Csorba, Călin Florian, Loránd Lohinszky, Dan Alecsandrescu, Levente Kovács, Constantin Doljan and others have confirmed their vocation and talent as trainers of young actors. Famous names of Romanian performing arts began their professional careers on this theater stage (see the table of University graduates).

     In its 53 years of existence, the Studio Theater managed to represent important texts from the national and universal dramaturgy. After 1976, after the reorganization of the Romanian section of the University, its repertoire, with three or four premieres per season, included established authors such as I.L. Caragiale, A.P. Cehov, V. Alecsandri, A. Strindberg, Mircea Stefãnescu, Bertolt Brecht, H. Ibsen, W. Shakespeare, Moliere, Marin Sorescu, Mihail Sebastian, Eugen Ionesco, C. Goldoni, but also emerging names: Andreea Vălean, Biljana Sbrljanovic.

     If the history of the Studio Theater is characterized by the representation of the most promising writings from the point of view of the acting score, and the promotion of modern means of directing was also one of the fundamental concerns of our theater school. Along with the teaching staff of the University, outstanding personalities of the Romanian and Hungarian theater world are invited to collaborate on the student theater projects. The current effervescence of the creative spirit is stimulating for future generations, and the artistic potential of the students is very comprehensive and practically inexhaustible.

     The Studio Theater is both a space for education and artistic creation both for graduate students and for teaching staff. In recent years, the Academic Workshop, organized with the intention of bringing to fruition the creative availability of the teaching staff, has achieved outstanding performances, concreted in participation in national and international Festivals, awards, distinctions.

     The repertory options of the current period are aimed at diversifying the cultural offer of the Studio Theater by presenting, along with the performances of the theatrical season, some individual recitals by students from the final years, as well as concerts by students from the Musical Pedagogy specialization.

     We consider that the Studio Theater of the University of Theater Arts in Târgu-Mureş (completely renovated in 2006 and equipped with the most modern stage equipment: mixer, micro-ports, installation for simultaneous translation to headphones, with new tailoring workshops, carpentry , locksmithing, decoration painting) is the treasurer of a past that requires deference and the manager of a present that is in continuous development.