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Conferința Muzică și Artă în pandemie

18-19 martie 2021

Intre 18 și 19 martie 2021 vor avea loc lucrările conferinței internaționale Muzica și arta în pandemie care urmăresc să consemneze atât experiența artistică, socială, managerială și educativă a acestui an pandemic, cât și cea a situațiilor similare din istoria epidemiilor.

Conferința se desfășoară via Zoom în limbile engleza, franceza, maghiara si româna pe două secțiuni: Muzică și Artele spectacolului. Programul este atașat, iar rezumatele vor distribuite auditoriului.

Dacă tematica vă stârnește interesul, vă invităm să va înscrieți completând formularul pentru auditoriu:


Music and Art in Pandemic

Conference Program



Thursday, 18th March

9.15 EET – Opening

10.00 EET by Zoom: First Session in English, chair Ioana Baalbaki PhD

Ioana BAALBAKI PhD (Universitatea de Arta Tg. Mures):
Dealing with the Unknown. Artistic Management Solutions During the Coronavirus Pandemic in Music Institutions from Cluj-Napoca

Jazmin EALDEN (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts):
Collaborating Beyond Borders: an Exploration Into Virtual Chamber Music-Making

Iva HRASTE SOČO PhD (Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb):
Music Sector in Pandemic. Croatian Example

Christakis CHRISTOFI PhD (University of Cyprus):
Music and Arts in Cyprus in Pandemics

Rakesh  BATABYAL PhD (Jawaharlal Nehru University):
Sonic Ecology of Bengal: Aspects of a Possible Framework

Iliana VELESCU PhD (Universitatea Ovidius din Constanța):
The Thematic Idea Between Transformation, Paraphrasing or Quotation


14.00 EET by Zoom:  Session in Hungarian

Marta-Adrienne ELEKES PhD (University of Arts Târgu Mureș):
Paris Epidemic and Art World

Zoltán ZSIGMOND PhD, Éva ZSIGMONDNÉ PAP PhD (Univesity of Szeged, Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts):
The Changes of Preferences and Attitudes in Piano Teaching During the First Year of the Pandemic

Imre - István STRAUSZ PhD (University of Arts Târgu Mureș):
Choir in the Room! Thoughts and Experiences in the Light of the last Year About the Work of the Euphonia Pedagogues’ Choir.



17.00 EET by Zoom:  Second Session in English,
chair Giovanna CARUGNO PhD

Abigail  SIN PhD (Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore):
Celebrating Beethoven during a Pandemic

M. Devrim BABACAN  PhD,  Ezgi BABACAN (Necmettin Erbakan Universty):
Online Piano Education Through Distance Learning: an Example of Giving a Lecture

Chiara ANTICO (Universidade NOVA, Lisbon, Portugal):
Daily Places, Artistic Places: All the Sounds in Our Homes

Giovanna CARUGNO PhD (Conservatory of Pavia):
Music as a Tool to Express Emotions: Remembering the Quarantine Soundscape at the Middle School

Kim Jayson VILLEZCA (The Graduate School, University of Santo Tomas, Manila):
On the Irony, Unsayability and the Silence of Music: An Investigation into the Limits of Schopenhauer’s Aesthetics of Music

Peirui YANG (University of Alcalá):
Sound Art and Pandemic: a Documentary Soundscape

Mirela TÂRC PhD (University of Oradea, Faculty of Arts):
With the "Magic Flute" in Pandemic



Friday, 19th March

14.00 EET by Zoom:  Session in Romanian,
chair Anamaria Mădălina  HOTORAN PhD

Ardeleanu ROXANA-SORANA PhD (West University Timișoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre):
The Accompanist Pianist in Pandemic, Virtual Instrumental Partner

Alina PERȚ-ALEXANDRESCU (“Sigismund Toduță”, Art Highschool, Deva):
Online Piano Lesson - a Challenge for Progress

Teodora BOTA (University of Arts Târgu Mureș):
Four Instances of Life in Pandemics: person, musician, pedagogue and student

Ioana Luminița GOREA PhD (University of Oradea, Faculty of Arts):
The Prospects of Musical Auditions During the 2020-2021 Pandemic

Radu POL-VĂRZARU (“Liviu Rebreanu” School, Târgu Mureș):
About Minimizing Latency in Art

Anamaria Mădălina  HOTORAN PhD (Emanuel University, Oradea):
Perspectives of online academic music education in Romania. An analysis in international context

Liana ȘUTEU (University of Arts, Targu-Mures):
Music Education Class as Part of Online Education

Andrada Tatiana CRIȘAN (Academia Națională de Muzică „Gheorghe Dima” Cluj Napoca):
The Effects of Music on the Human Psyche




Thursday, 18th March

9.15 EET by Zoom:  Opening

10.00 EET by Zoom: Session in French and Romanian

Performing Arts on the Phone: Remote But not Digital

Emese EGYED PhD (Babeș-Bolyai University):
A Social Project from the Playwright Farkas Bolyai (1817)

Drissa SANOGO PhD (Université Peleforo Gon Coulibaly, Korhogo):
Le théâtre et sa contribution dans la lutte contre la pandémie de Covid-19 en Côte d'Ivoire

Marcela  DAN PhD (University of Arts Târgu Mureș):
How the Pandemic is Transforming Arts?

Constantin  TOVARNIȚCHII PhD (West University Timișoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre):
Quo vadis music? Quo vadis arts?



Friday, 19th March

10.00 EET by Zoom: Session in English, chair Armando ROTONDI PhD

Armando ROTONDI PhD (Institute of the Arts Barcelona):
Rethinking the (Web)-Space in adapting performances

András HATHÁZI PhD (Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Thatre and Film):
The Theatre as a Meeting Place

Sebastian - Vlad POPA PhD (University of Bucharest):
Prelude to the Roaring 20s

Gilberto  CONTI PADAO (Charles University):
Online Theatre Teaching - The Chalenge of a New Era

Stéphanie MELYON-REINETTE PhD (Independent researcher):
LE SACRÉ. A Butoh Performance Between Hypo-Insularity, Marronnage and Aesthetic-Institutional Affranchissement

Diana BEJAN (CHIRIPUCI) (The National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest):
„Online” Choreography Versus „Real” Choreography

Li-Min LIN PhD, Zemeijia (Bebe) LAN, Wendy Kah Yan CHEY, Kaiqin CAO (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Recovery x 2: “Flow of Emotions in a COVID-19 China” Photo Exhibit